Whether it is a controversial expose about an industry or institution, or a nostalgic look back at the life of a beloved icon, a documentary needs to strike a delicate balance between the informative and the entertaining. There is a temptation to make the storyline of a documentary conform to a pre-conceived narrative, but the best documentaries allow the story to unfold naturally, and find cohesion among common themes to present the story in a compelling and engaging way.

Long gone are the days when television viewers had three channels to choose from, plus public broadcasting. Today’s viewers have virtually unlimited entertainment options. They can watch what, how, and when they want. Documentary films are not just competing against each other. They are in competition against virtually every other form of entertainment available to television viewers. Now more than ever, documentary productions need to make an emotional connection with their viewers in order to catch and hold their attention. This does not necessarily mean being bold or edgy just for the sake of standing out. It means having a special insight and respect for the documentary subject(s), and taking care to ensure that their stories are told in a respectful, meaningful, and unbiased way.

In order to realize its full potential, a documentary needs to have a well-planned release and distribution strategy. There are thousands of film distributors capable of releasing a film to the general public in one way or another, but not all distributors and sales agents specialize in documentary films. We have developed relationships with sales agents, distributors, and networks that specialize in documentary projects, and who have the expertise to maximize the exposure of such projects.

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