Reality TV has become a dominant force in entertainment. While some of it is compelling, there is a lot of cringeworthy stuff out there. While silly, unrealistic storylines may be entertaining on a superficial level, this type of content is not likely to create a meaningful connection with TV viewers. In fact, this type of contrived programming can actually have a negative long-term impact on an organization that is trying to build or maintain a brand presence. That’s why we always ensure that our storylines are not only grounded in reality, but that they always reinforce the vision of the organizations that are featured on our shows, and that they are conveyed in an appropriate manner.
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Just as audiences are more likely to connect with real storylines, they are also more likely to connect with real characters. The “characters” on reality TV shows are real people, and today’s television audiences can smell a phony from a mile away. That’s why we tell our stories through our characters’ own voices, without putting words into their mouths.
Organic partner integration is the new product placement. We are pioneering creative methods of featuring business partners by weaving their storylines into our own, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement that is far more engaging than a commercial to the viewing audience.
We have relationships with sales agents and distributors who specialize in reality TV and documentary films, and we have successfully secured both first-run television and syndication, as well as both theatrical and VOD distribution for our documentary films on several platforms. We have the experience and expertise to navigate the entire post-production process and to ensure that delivery requirements are met correctly and in a timely manner.

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